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You will develop both boxing skills and real self-confidence in the boxing school of Makha. The self-confidence will help you inside the ring, in the streets, and in different situations, which are far from boxing at first glance. Makha is a product of one of the strongest boxing schools in the world. The Soviet boxing school gave Makha great experience via the toppest level competitions. This experience helps him in upbringing his learners.

The trainings are held under the supervision of Makha and his assistants. In the beginning of the training, the fighters are warming up. Then the coach instructs fighters in drilling single punching technique, mastering combinations, doing sparring, working in pairs or with the equipment (heavy bag, speed bag, etc) on specific elements of the technique. In the boxing school, fighters are doing many boxing related exercises such as: rope skipping, medicine ball, kettlebell, weights, barbell, etc.

Boxing school is a school of life

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